Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More on men

It's so interesting, responses by men to my book. I spoke a little about it in my last post. But it continues and as it continues, it continues to baffle.

I heard from another male reader who bought Pen on Fire and book one for a friend. He didn't mention the subtitle at all.

And I've been hearing from women from all over--one email just came in from the UK--who say they love the book. Some of their husbands pick it up and end up reading and using it, too.

My husband thought it was a mistake to use that subtitle. I told him to call my publisher and discuss it with them.

Titles are so very important. It's a given. I write about titles in the book. But when I wrote that chapter on titles, I didn't talk about subtitles. Sequel! Sequel!

But men, my book is for you, too.

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