Monday, July 04, 2005

Warning: This is about nothing

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted anything, so lest you feel I've abandoned my blogging post, I wanted to post a little something, say hello, and tell you I've not gone anywhere. In the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting Q&As by authors, so there will be fun new stuff soon.

But it's the fourth of July and today will find us at my sister-in-law's home on a cul de sac in Costa Mesa, CA, where there will be a water slide, bounce house, cotton candy machine, and a dunking booth. Travis is looking forward to the dunking booth. He can't wait to be dunked. Ho-kay..... Me, I'll watch. Never been dunked, never want to be dunked.

First, though, I need to work on my novel. I will be thinking about it all day if I don't. It's 7:37 a.m. The house is quiet. Brian didn't get home from a gig in Temecula until one a.m. or so, so he'll be out for a while. Travis will be asleep for a while more, too; he was up watching the "Miami Animal Police" and the cooking channel until late (his two favorite stations are the Food Network--especially "Iron Chefs"--and Animal Planet).

So right now I'm going to leave you and go to my fictional world. Are y'all getting any writing done today?


Jill said...

Fear of Rejection: There probably is a cottage industry on this subject, but I haven't found it. I write sci-fi and mystery novels (I've finished 6). I'm unpublished. I've had two agents and after the last one dropped me, I just didn't write. The joy was gone. Now, I know I'm a good writer. But I haven't written in 2 years. The thought of going through all that rejection again seems to be shutting me down. Now I'm wanting to tippy-toe over to the computer again. I have LOTS of time. I don't react well to schedules or plotting--when I write, I just sit and do it. Advice?

Anonymous said...

My advice is to tippy-toe over to the computer again and write. It's amazing how very long it can take to get published, how very many projects one can finish before it happens. I don't know anything about your writing background, but from my own experience, and from what writers on my show say, persistance is such a Big Deal, when it comes to writing. Very Big. Lots of writing, classes and conferences. You figure, writing is the number one hobby in the U.S.--maybe anywhere. There's just not room for everyone to get published. So those who persist have the greatest chance of it happening.