Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rediscovering old novels

I just started listening to Richard Ford's Independence Day and before that, listened to Barbara Kingsolver's Prodigal Summer, which I also loved. (She reads it on CD, too.)

I read new books for my show but if I can, I listen to older books while I'm driving, washing dishes, knitting, walking, and I love it.

Anyone else read any older books that you love?

(Rosie, our younger cat, loves books, too....)


Leslea said...

You know, I used to listen to books on tape, but now I listen to podcasts. ;)

Someday I'm going to read Watership Down again, I think. I remember that I completely lost myself in that book.

It was the same with Gone With the Wind.

~jolene said...

Every once in a while I will pick up one of my many books of poetry by Rod McKuen! I bought these book's while in high school in the late 60's! Anyone remember him?

Becca said...

How funny, I've just been going back and reading some "old favorites," among them Anne Rivers Siddons Colony, and Mary Gordon's Men and Angels, one of my all time "craving to read it again" books.

Kim said...

I have rediscovered several old favorites by reading with my daughter. We read "Charlotte's Web" together last year, twice, and we have read some of the "Little House" series. It's fun to revisit those worlds as an adult and watch her fall in love with books and the characters that I considered cherished friends as a child.

Anonymous said...

Barbara, I confess it seems I'm too busy writing, knitting and writing about both of those passions do do an focused reading. I am foraging through Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love at the moment because it can be digested in small, bathtub brewed, chunks.

I wish we had connected when I was in California in January. Maybe next time.

Jane Thornley
I've been designing patterns for my knitting for about a year now but I certainly do it DIFFERENTLY than the patterns I typically see in books, mags or stores. I could never afford to print them because I use too much color photography to illustrate my color knitting. I use PDF download exclusively but I don't know if this is cutting me out of the market. Anyone else trying this? Any thoughts?



jo said...

Rediscovering old novels is one of my favorite ways to pick what I'm going to read. There are even some novels that I 've revisited many times -- Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Great Expectations, Tess of the D'Urbervilles. A couple years ago, Michael Ondaatje and a group he belongs to put out a list of great novels that no one reads any more. One of these, Darcy O'Brien's A Way of Life, Like Any Other, shouldn't be missed. Another wonder is So Long, See You Tomorrow, by William Maxfield. Must stop. I could go on for pages listing old novels that should be rediscovered or discovered.