Tuesday, February 20, 2007

On vacation, you do little revising

Here's what I saw this morning at sunrise from my window.
We're at Mammoth Lakes with our inlaws (at their condo) and while my manuscript is here with me, I've done little with it other than think about it. How can you work when there is so much snow around you, calling you to go out into it? There is sledding, for one. And when you have a snowboarding boy who wants nothing more than to get up in the morning and go directly to the mountain, how can you say, "No. I have to work." You can't.

Although this morning, at--gulp--7:30, he went off with the inlaws to the mountain. I stayed behind at the condo, making a bean soup and doing some minor tasks in regards to revision. I brought a DVD with me: So, Is It Done?: Navigating the Revision Process, hosted by Janet Burroway. A few authors I like are on it--Rosellen Brown, Ron Carlson--and it will be interesting to hear what they have to say about revision (though, again, Carolyn See's method is tops, far as I'm concerned).

I do love the snow (as those closest to me are tired of hearing, I'm sure).

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