Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Freewriting on anniversary

Happy news, now. It's our anniversary. 13 years. Yikes. Not yikes at the number 13 (we married on March 13, believing 13 to be not an unlucky number) but 13 at making it this long. I never even lived in one place this long.

I did a freewriting with my Tuesday night workshop on the words "musings" and "melancholy" and here's what I came up with:
I love holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. This morning I awoke to flowers crowding the dining room table. Brian's doing. Brian likes to celebrate, too. Any reason to celebrate is good enough for him. There were daisies and hyacinths and orchids, lilies, cyclamen, irises and other tiny purple flowers. Thirteen pennies were scattered about the table. Thirteen, for good luck. We were married on the 13th, 13 years ago.

Seven ceramic angels also loitered about. A heart angel and hope angel and wishes angel. Later Brian went out to buy the wisdom angel, which he said he meant to get but didn't, the one with the book, but no wings like the others.

"It looks like your mother," Brian said to Travis over a dinner of kung pao tofu, kung pao shrimp, vegetable egg rolls, and pizza for Travis.

We three looked at the angel, her head down, a book on her lap.

"Why's that the only one without wings?" said Travis.

"Because it's me," I said. That's me, a fallen angel. I have books, but no wings.

Every day should have such propitious beginnings. Melancholy stayed away today.

My friend Mimi said Brian should give classes to men on how to properly celebrate a holiday. Brian's mother says he always been like this. Musing, she said, he's all of the good rolled into one.

Thirteen years. Yikes.


IRENE said...

Wishing you much happiness!
Can't you see your wings? It's brobably because wisdom is the most unique of all, and everyone has to tread his own path to gain them, one feather at a time.
On this occasion, I'd say they're your husband and your son.

deirdre said...

How wonderfully romantic! Yes, he should give lessons. The trick would be getting the guys who need them to sign up. :)