Monday, July 30, 2007

Subscriptions survey

The other day as I was going through old Utne magazines, it occurred to me, once again, how much I love this magazine. I always seem to find articles that are priceless, and because Utne reprints articles found in other articles, I discover new journals--new to me, anyway. Brick is one such journal. In this particular Utne, I was reading about what Annie Proulx would be if she wasn't a writer. Cabinet maker was one. The article pointed to the issue of Brick that it was originally published in, so I went to the web site (Brick's) and ordered the 2003 journal. love Utne.

Then I began thinking of the magazines and papers that find their way into this house:

Los Angeles Times
Wall Street Journal
Poets & Writers
The Writer
Writer's Digest
Country Living
Interweave Knits
(a gift subscription from Noreen)
Boy's Life (Travis' magazine)

I used to subscribe to the New Yorker, but they arrived too quickly. I still have a pile I'm trying to get through. I also recently subscribed to The Atlantic Monthy, Food & Wine, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure but let them lapse.

What do you subscribe to, and what do you love most?


Anonymous said...

I am a writer that you met at the Inland Empire CWC last year. Oct 2006.
I have set up my blog and was hoping that I could post your's on my spot.
Would that be okay with you? I'd also like to post writers on writing.
my blog spot is
Aleta Jacobson

Anonymous said...

Interweave Knits
Vogue Knitting
The New Yorker (I batch them up and read them about once a month)
O Magazine (hangs head in shame)
Real Simple
One Story

Don said...

One Story
My wife was getting some progressive-ish women's magazine but let the subscription lapse. And I used to get Double Bassist, but let that lapse.

The new One Story came in the mail today, btw.

Anonymous said...

Oh...I also subscribed to Real Simple for a year but I think it just lapsed.

Nicholas Borelli said...

NY Times, WSJ, The Writer, Writers Digest, Poets & Writers, The Missouri Review, Written By, Variety, Fortune, CFO. Stopped the Atlantic Monthly because they dropped the fiction.

The WSJ is the most consistently excellently written paper in the country. The Writer, for me, is the best writing magazine.



deirdre said...

I don't subscribe to anything right now, but because I own a small business magazine publishers think I should have many, many magazines for free. About 75 each month. Some duplicates, some weeklies, some monthlies. They go to the local hospital, senior center, poet laureate (for poetry collage classes), and library bookstore when I'm done with them. I get my share of magazine reading in between. Real Simple is a Virgo staple here.

Don said...

Has Atlantic Monthly officially stopped printing fiction? The last copy I looked at had no fiction, but that could have been a just-that-issue thing. The website still has submission info for short stories...

btw, can any of the dedicated listeners to Barbara's show help me out with an attribution: One of her guests (male, as I recall), offered up as his advice to the writers, that to be a writer you had to be prepared to give up not-writing. Can anyone tell me who said that? I quote it a lot and it would be nice to be able to properly attribute it.

Deborah said...

Hey, looks like you'll be able to save a few bucks with the WSJ after Murdock takes it over, who knows...

I do Interweave, the Nation, Mad Magazine (no joke), Gourmet, Congressional Quarterly, NYT, Vogue Knitting, New Jersey Monthly, American Legacy... and I actually get to read some of them.