Friday, September 07, 2007

coffee, again, and what you did this summer

Last week Brian accidentally brought home flavored coffee. Brian hates flavored coffee. I tried it. I liked it. I made some for me. He bought his favored French roast, leaving almost a pound of hazelnut-flavored coffee beans. Of course I don't want to waste it? So every morning, after a modest breakfast of a slice of wheat toast and jam, and maybe a fried egg, I make a cup. Black. Love it. I still have tea first thing, though. So far.

Switching topics...a piece in today's Wall Street Journal about summer vacation and what folks did or did not do.

I had grand plans. I made a list on a legal size piece of paper. We were going to go to the East Coast and go to a Mets game. We were going to go on a road trip to San Francisco and maybe Portland. We talked about Tuscany and New Zealand. I kept cutting travel pieces out about Iceland. We were going to go to the Getty and the La Brea tar pits and Julian. We were going to do a bunch of things.

Some friends and relatives did. They went to Hawaii, St. Barts, Italy, France. They saw the world.

So what did we do?

We went to Sea World, went to Angels games ("and sometimes had really good seats," said Travis) and hung out a bunch. We had fun, a good summer. A summer of days with no alarm clock, late nights, a lot of laughs.

I think I'll keep the list for next summer and plan early.

What did you do? Did you fulfill your goals for the summer (and what's your morning drink of choice)?


Anonymous said...

We did fulfill our goal: to chill out, relax and just have fun. No rented house on the beach in South Carolina this year. Just day and week camps for the kids, golf, trips to the pool, cookouts w/friends, drives to NJ to see family and summer eves spent on the patio surrounded by beautiful flowers and our lazing dogs while we sipped crisp, chilled Mescato.
And my morning drink of choice? Coffee all the way. Preferably Eight O'Clock brand!

ajmitchell said...

I saw and liked the article you mentioned, too.

My trip is still coming... a watercolor painting trip in Yosemite. I've never done this before but the state offers classes for a very low cost taught by professionals in art, photography and other topics. Who knew? Chris Van Winkle, president of the National Watercolor Society is teaching the one I'm off to. Should be fun and I may end up with a few good landscapes, too.


mommacurran said...

I LOVE your show and it has kept me company while I fulfilled my goal for the summer...time in the mountains. I have two children (two years and eight months). We traveled from OK to New Mexico three times this summer. We had a great time. We are going back next week with the Honey.

I have probably listened to 20 different shows while I drive. Any chance you might have Anne Lammott on the show? I love her.

Drink of choice. Coffee...strong and black.