Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tomorrow's show: Emily Listfield and Tom Perrotta

On "Writers on Writing" tomorrow, Marrie Stone and I will talk to Emily Listfield, author of Waiting to Surface and Tom Perrotta, author of The Abstinence Teacher. You can listen at iTunes (go to Public Radio, look for KUCI-FM) or go to www.kuci.org and listen live. If you're in the O.C., it's at 88.9 FM.

Listfield based her novel on her husband's disappearance. Perrotta did some research into abstinence at a Christian church or community in NJ, and is author of Little Children, so he should be interesting as well.

You can hear a ton of shows at http://writersonwriting.blogspot.com.

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Ashley said...

I remeber reading Little Children in the dead of a New York winter. One morning, I was so engrossed in reading the book while trying to get dressed, that upon walking outside after reading a chapter I realized I had dressed for summer and not the freezing cold and slushy snow that greeted me at my doorstep.

There was never and has yet to be another book which has captivated me to that degree.