Monday, February 18, 2008


Did anyone see Larry King Live last night with Michelle Obama? I liked her--very much, actually. She said something I so agreed with, and it's that if Obama was elected, the world would look at the U.S. so differently. So very differently.

I just visited his web site and donated.

So, who're y'all for, and why?


Anonymous said...

So did we. Didn't see Mrs. Obama but sent in a check awile ago. He has to win or I'm moving to 29 Palms and put a used tire wall around my hovel.

Anonymous said...

WHO: I'm voting for Obama

WHY: Baby Boomers are a lost cause. They are incapable of admiting they made a mistake or taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

On the other side of my generation (The Lost Generation), however are some very smart Gen X and Gen Y kids. I have a lot of faith in them.

Gen X and Gen Y never lived through the Carter years. They have no idea how bad things can be when you pair an amicable, unqualified uber-liberal prez with an unchecked liberal congress.

Gen X and Gen Y have never lived through years where enemies approached in the spirit of "open dialouge" turned right around and humiliated the US.

After four years of Jimmy Carter V.2, I trust that Gen X and Gen Y will understand the mistake they made and we won't have to worry about another bumper-sticker president for the next fifty years.

I consider it an investment.

And besides, it's inevitable. The country is in a cycle where every new president is the diametric opposite of the previous one.

What's the diametric opposite of a an inarticulate champion of Cowboy Diplomacy?

A highly articulate champion of Coward Diplomacy.

But Ohhhh! How the rest of the world will love us! Yes! They always love us when we're impotent and just ignore all the third world dictators who kill our soldiers and embassy personnel.

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Liz said...

Obama. He's inspiring. He's grass-roots. He has heart. We need all of that in this country.