Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Our 14th anniversary! Here's a writing exercise for you: What are we doing in the hard-to-see photo?

Travis' window

JoJo wants to come in.

I'm you become impatient when the bloggers you visit post infrequently? Take me, for example. I'm so sporadic, I admit. Does it bug you? Or do you have a ton of blogs you visit and so it doesn't matter?

I visit blogs--not often, but I do. Some I wish would post more, others it doesn't matter.

If you would like me to post more often, send some topics this way that you'd like to read about, and I'll do my best.


Anonymous said...

I read a lot of blogs and what keeps me coming back is the blogger's interests, point of view. Over time, a certain identity emerges. It doesn't matter to me the frequency of postings so in that regard I would say to you to just blog when you feel the muse; let your blog reflect your ponderings, etc.


Megan said...

Yes I become impatient when bloggers post infrequently. In fact sometimes it causes me to forget about the blog all together. Not intentionally, but I will find it, I will read all the back content I will check back for new content for a week or two, see a few new posts. After those are read I know there won't be new content for a few more days and simply forget to go back.

I have somewhat put an end to this problem by switching to using the google reader to do the blog thing. But since I just started with it I don't know how long it will last. I don't particularly like reading blogs on a feed reader, but it is a great way to skip over content I am not interested in.

Anonymous said...

I have the blogs I like saved in my AOL favorites under catagory Blogs. Everday I click through them. Yours is in my favorits list. I wouldn't say I get frustrated, but I get happy to see a new post. If someone doesn't post repeatedly for a long time, after awhile I delete them. There are just too many good blogs to read!I have a large variety and yours is very different so I keep it!