Saturday, May 31, 2008


Finally, I'm posting a slew of events coming up. I hope you can make it to one!

June 10 7:00 p.m., Newport Beach Public Library
In conversation with Lauren Weisberger about her about her new book, Chasing Harry Winston. (Lauren's first book was The Devil Wears Prada.)

July 12 A fun all-day workshop at UC-Irvine Extention: Jumpstart Your Writing. Call UC-Irvine at 949/824-5414 or visit the UCI Web site.

July 13 1:00 p.m., Barnes & Noble, Newport Center, Newport Beach
Talk about essay writing and her essay, "Knitting: My Urban Escape," included in the anthology, Knitting Through It: Inspiring Stories for Troubled Times (Voyageur Press).

September 28 West Hollywood Book Fair
If you haven't attended the fair, don't miss out. It's a great people-watching day with great panels. I will moderate a panel of literary agents in the afternoon. Click here for more information.

October 11 Celebration of California Writers Week
Join me and other authors for a literary day at the Orange Public Library and History Center in Orange, CA. More information can be found here.


bibliophile said...

Hi B, I've been writing different parts of the same story in many different points of view.
I've got at least 5 main characters, all speaking in first person. I then spent a week revising everything to omniscient...
spent another week reading every chapter on POV in my collection of writing aid books.
I had an idea to make one character in to the "listener", the one collecting all these stories from the other characters, but thought that might seem amateur-ish.
Any advise?

Anonymous said...

I'll copy your question and comment to a new blog post and respond today.