Friday, July 04, 2008

Orange Coast Magazine's Best of OC

It's a tad embarrassing (embarrassing because I'm more used to being behind the scenes. After all, no one can see you on radio), but some of you may be interested in this piece. (Scan to the bottom for the copy.) It's a nice mention by Orange Coast, which has become a readable magazine again, now that Marty Smith is back at the helm.

Photo credit: Bradley Meinz


Allison Johnson said...

Very cool! You deserve recognition for the many years of great interviews on "Writers on Writing" and for contributing to the literary climate of Orange County.

Anonymous said...

You contribute so much to the OC with your show, mentoring, classes, writing, and your website. Your students know you are a valuable find (me especially). OC Magazine is lucky to have you grace their pages!


pseudosu said...

Your reach extends far beyond to O.C.
I listen avidly from MN every week. I have all the podcasts archived and have listened to many more than once. Your show is like an extension class for me. Someday maybe you'll be interviewing me! (hey- dream big right?)

Catherine T. said...

Yay!! Love the pic.