Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A new Palin disorder

My friend Dennis Palumbo posted this on his blog:


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As a veteran therapist, I'm using this forum to announce the establishment of a new clinical diagnosis: IFP Disorder (Irrational Fear of Palin Disorder).

Since the McCain campaign picked Sarah Palin as their V-P candidate, poll numbers have swung ominously in their favor. The gun-totin', Bible-thumping, anti-choice, book-burning "hockey mom" is America's newest sweetheart.

But that's not the point: what really has amazed me in the past week is the change that has come over my therapy patients. Without fail, they seem oddly uninterested in dealing with their usual issues---relationship conflicts, family concerns, career crises, substance abuse, etc. All they want to talk about is their Fear of Sarah Palin.

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Anonymous said...

In the words of the late, great Alfred E. Newman, "What - me worry?!" Actually, I've grown accustomed to her face. Life is strangely beautiful. I awaken, take a Vicadin and a Coronita and search the want ads for rentals in the farthest reaches of Nova Scotia.

Marrie said...

If only "anonymous Jordan" could put his God-given writing talent to work on the page instead of the blog and come back to workshop . . . .

It's rivaling the Palin controversy on the list of things that make me sad.

Anonymous said...

Marrie - pay attention! Take a Vicadin and a Coronita. I've just graduated to Prozac and Boilermakers. Congratulations on becoming a broadcaster!