Saturday, January 03, 2009

Catching up with yourself

Our last day in Mammoth. I could live here all winter. It's been a good time, writing-wise, I'm happy to say. I do believe my writing self has caught up.


ShirleyHS said...

Lovely photos, Barbara. I have been listening to your podcasts for two years and love them. The blog is a wonderful companion to the podcasts. Please check out my blog about memoir. I will be back to comment more here.

I will even be brave and tell you my writing goals for 2009--submit entries to the local newspaper literary contest, attend at least one writing workshop, send thank-you notes to at least one writer each month, comment on Pen On Fire blog, make as many new writer friends as possible, and write at least one blog entry/week.

GutsyWriter said...

Glad to hear about your writing progress. You were a bit down about your novel in one of your previous postings, so great news this time. All the best in 2009