Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Essays worth reading

I'm teaching a 10 week class at UC-Irvine and we're spending time on a lifelong love: the essay. I gave an assignment to my students to find essays online and share them with classmates. One is on the short story, thanks to Kris. A bittersweet Modern Love piece--thanks Peggy. The beginning of a Sun piece called "The Fine Art Of Quitting," thanks to Elaine. All good, all worth reading. If you have favorite essays that can be found online, I'd love to read them. Post here?


Brenda said...

And oldie, but my favorite..

Why I Write by Joan Didion

Ched Spellman said...

I really liked the one "In praise of the American Short Story."

I think the writer himself demonstrates his point, as his essay possesses the qualities that he extols in his exposition of the Short Story genre.

Anonymous said...

Nice one, Brenda. Thanks for posting the link.