Sunday, September 20, 2009

Overcoming those voices

The other night in class a lovely, talented student asked how to make yourself stay in the chair when you're writing crap (or believe you are) or you wonder if anyone will ever want to read what you're writing.

It reminded me of something MSNBC correspondent Richard Wolffe (author of Renegade) said on the show when my brilliant co-host Marrie Stone interviewed him. He said if you think writing is a fun idea or you think you might like it, find something else to do. That's not enough of a determination factor, not enough of a reason to stay in the chair. But if you find you must write, that nothing else does it for you quite like writing, then go for it.

That's how I make myself stay in the chair.

Years before Pen on Fire was published, I remember beautiful days when I made myself stay at the desk. Travis was quite small then. Brian and Travis would try to coerce me in going to the beach with them. I said no, said if I didn't stay where I was I would never have anything publishable. And this is when there was a lot of discouraging words re: inspirational books on writing. Nothing gave me any idea anyone would ever want to buy my book. Just my writing group and a few students kept me believing.

The other thing is, no one is born published. Remember that. No one comes out of the womb with a book deal.

It's the work, the words on the page. And the way they get there is by staying in the chair.

So when the voices get to me, I just figure they're getting to everyone and the writers who get published are the ones who don't listen.

And now here's something new and exciting: I can finally make my own lattes! Glory day! I bought a Moka on-the-stove espresso maker (thank you, cousin Gerry, and whoever else recommended it) and a Aerolatte, which makes the most delectable foam--better than just about any from a Starbucks or any cafe (thank you, Michele Huneven, for your advice), and there you go.

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Shahnazzz said...

Thank you. "No one comes out of the womb with a book deal" has just trumped "Writing is easy. Just sit at the typewriter and open a vein" as my favorite quote.