Saturday, May 01, 2010

An Evening with Short Story Writers

If you're able, I hope you'll join us for the Pen on Fire Speakers Series on Sat., May 15, when other contributors to Orange County Noir will join me at Scape Gallery. We'll be talking about writing short stories, and about noir, and it should be a generally raucous time. There will be wine, nibbles, and cake--yes, cake! with the book cover embedded in the icing. Yum. You can meet Gary Phillips, the editor; Martin Smith, editor of Orange Coast magazine; writers Mary Castillo, Patricia McFall, and C.J. Bahnsen (moderating), and this time I'll be a panelist. Fun!

We'll talk about writing short stories, writing dark fiction, setting in short stories and in noir, and more.

Laguna Beach Books will be on hand to sell books.

Seats are $20, but for students, $15. What a deal. The event would be free if I didn't rent the gallery, chairs, buy food and drink, etc., etc.

I hope to see many of you there! And if anyone's going through hard times and wants to bring someone, both of you can come for $15 each. (Go directly to PayPal and send the payment to

More info here.

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