Monday, August 16, 2010

Travis is turning 16 tomorrow. I asked him if he wanted a party. No party, but can we go to the desert? he asked. Wanted to return to Rancho Las Palmas, in Rancho Mirage, his favorite desert getaway, where we've been coming since he was a toddler burning his feet on the hot steps. (He's sure to wear sandals now...)

Connie Orsak, RLP's guest experience manager, made sure Travis would have a special time and make a great memory of his 16th, so this cake arrived yesterday after we did. Travis said, I have a cake with a chocolate palm tree and chocolate golf balls.

And it was lemon. His favorite.


Dianne said...

Wish Travis a Happy Birthday for me. Looks like he already had a great celebration!

Allison Johnson said...

Happy 16th Birthday, Travis! Love the cake!

Allison, William & Juliana

Marrie said...

Love it! Happy birthday, Travis! Ah, 16. And the best is yet to come . . . .


Barbara DeMarco-Barrett said...

Travis says thanks to all of you.....and so do I.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Travis! Where are those car keys anyway?