Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pen on Fire#3 on Book Soup's list

This is so cool, especially since Pen on Fire was published in 2004. It's #3 on their trade paperback nonfiction list. Here's the link to Book Soup. (Scan down.) Thanks to all who made this possible, and thanks to everyone who, since the book came out in 2004, bought it and made possible a number of printings. Many thanks and a virtual hug.


Kiril The Mad Macedonian said...


I still have my copy of the book from 2004!

My Cat, Nikita, and I, have both become better writers because of it. ;-D

NIkita Cat said...

What he just said!

Very cool book!

Makes taking fewer naps, and snoozes, from time to time, well worth the sacrifce! ;-D

Ben said...

Well, this is something! Wow. Good going, POF!