Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

We're back from Mammoth. Our last day there was sunny, brisk, and always bittersweet: I want to stay, but I want to get home.

I also have a Pavlovian response to the last day of the year: I automatically reflect on the past year and consider resolutions. It's always a bittersweet holiday season--my mom died Dec. 26, 2001. Around this time in 2001, the three of us were back east, attending the funeral, dealing with the airline's extremely tight--and sometimes stupid--security measures. Travis was very short then--seven years old--and his name was picked for a personal security check. He had to empty his backpack. Whoa--stuffed animals! Games! Books! Years later he said he was worried the airlines would want to keep him.

The fact that we're vaulting into a new decade is just so strange to me. Wasn't it just 2000? This past year was good enough, but did I accomplish enough? Probably not. I meant to finish my novel, Crazy for You, based on my noir short story that was published in April, but did I? Oy. And I hoped my agent would sell my memoir, but it was not to be--not yet, anyhoo.

I did sign up with WeightWatchers online, and lost almost 14 pounds (15 was my goal, oh woe).

I tried to be a better companion to Brian, a better mother to Travis, a better friend, a better teacher.

But why is it that at the end of the year, we always feel we fell short in some way? Or maybe it's just me...

So next year--tomorrow!--I plan to become better organized, lose that last pound at least, accomplish my writing goals, become an even better friend, relative, wife, mother ... all that.

What about you--any goals for 2011?

I wish for you everything you hope for in the New Year, and hope our paths cross real soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to 2011 and the adventures it will bring!

I plan to be a better friend to myself. I would never stand my friends in front of a mirror and point out their flaws, in acidic detail. Why should I do it to myself? I would never berate my friends. Why should I do it to myself? I will encourage myself the way I encourage my son and my friends. Don't I deserve the same friendship? I realize I do.

The days I write will out number the days that I don't write. A day without writing is a day without air. I want to breathe, deeply.

Happy New Year!


ps - A better teacher? You work wonders already!

Robert Rice said...

For 2011 I intend to keep the same pair of sunglasses throughout the year. I also intend to remove any food wrappers from my car before I enter the house. My dream is to buy only what I need. I will listen to people. My bed will be made every morning. The toilet seat will always be put back down. I will pray and expect to be answered. I will accept my limitations and relish in small victories. I won't put huge expectations on people. I will fail part of the time. At the victories I will celebrate uncontrollably. It is in those moments people will ask me to turn down the music and go to bed.

MacDougal Street Baby said...

I've never been one to make resolutions. The upside to that, of course, is that I never worry about breaking them!

I read your book, Pen of Fire, last year. It was fantastic and helped me enormously. Thank you for that and Happy New Year!

Rossandra said...

My goal is to appreciate, appreciate, appreciate and to write, write, write and to get over myself, as in the whole age thing, know what I mean? Thanks for the work you do Barbara.

Rossandra said...

My goal is to appreciate, appreciate, appreciate and write, write, write, publish. And to get over myself. As in the age thing, know what I mean? Thanks for the work you do Barbara.