Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An Evening with fiction writers Katie Arnoldi and Marisa Matarazzo

Last night was another wonderful night at the spectacular SCAPE Gallery in Corona del Mar. The evening renewed my belief that Orange County does indeed want, and need, literary events like this one. We had a full house for these two authors, whom I admire in so many ways. Take a look:

Find more on Katie Arnoldi here and more on Marisa Matarazzo here. If you were in attendance, feel free to post comments below. What did you get out of the evening?

Thanks to Allison Johnson and Travis Barrett for photography.

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I want to first acknowledge Barbara De Marco Barrett, without whom there would be no bubbling blogs, no writer's salon, no nibbles and sips. . . without whom we would never know the likes of Katie Arnoldi or Marisa Matarrazo. We have never known and probably will never know to what lengths Barbara goes to find the talent she lays before us like sumptuous feasts for the writer's soul. Attending the monthly writer's salon is a staple that provides satisfying nourishment.

Last Tuesday night, we were privileged to meet Katie Arnoldi, a person packed with passion, power, and persuasion. Though a seasoned writer in her 50's, she is remarkable young, fresh, spunky and physically striking; a keen and agile lioness, with a glorious mass of golden hair. Her mind is sharp and her words incisive. her work involves years of diligent, grueling, face to face, experience based research into the subcultures of our own backyards. She looks to enlighten us about an evil and horrifying world that exists invisibly beneath our noses. She informs us about facts we must uncover our eyes to see and she delivers the message with poignant style. I look forward to reading Point Dume.

Calmly poised upon the raised presenters stool, Marisa Matarrozo appears young, reticent and demure . . . until she opens her mouth to speak. You won't know what hit you. She surprises the audience and captivates them with a forceful, commanding yet seductive and enticing voice. her words incessantly drive the reader/listener into a deep trance of imagery, both real and surreal. Her world, a splendid world, is filled with visceral sensations, erotic passion and technicolor poetry. Magical realism, she called it. She left me craving to read about rose quartz crystal teeth and more in Drenched.

Both presenters astonished me with their talent and inspired me to to write and write more. No doubt every person in the room felt the same. I am certain Barbara, in all her wisdom, knows exactly what she is doing.