Friday, September 30, 2011

Writing spaces

We're redoing the house--clearing things out, painting--and I find that the more minimal a space is, the better able I can think, and concentrate. So out went the cute vintage plates that hung on the wall, all the photos and knick-knacks and stuff. I'm entering a minimal phase, a monochromatic phase....whites, blacks, blues. Here are two photos of the current state of affairs...where I write and what I see when I look to my left. I'm in the process of buying a desk for that window you see in the second photo.

Where do you write and do you like it to be a cluttered, busy space, or a minimal space,  or something in between?


Anonymous said...

I went from having an office and a desk, to having a corner in the kitchen, using the table as my desk. I've done my best work in this corner. (well - you'll let me know soon on that one). It's a small, open, uncluttered space. I look forward to a quiet office again, but I'm comfortable for now.

p.s. I'll email a pic of my space. I wasn't able to attach it here.

p.s.s. you can't put a desk in front of that window. that's where your xmas tree goes.

Erika Kimberly said...

I love this, I have a wonderful mac and a wonderful glass table that I use as my writing space. I always ALWAYS light a candle because for me, smells, for whatever reasons, help me write better!

Your space is fab!

Happy writing

Toby Goode said...

I love the clean and simple feel of your space ... and love the idea of candles!

talklady said...

After a year of devoted writing, which entails sitting (pun intended), I've found that I've gained weight.
So, I write on a laptop that's in the living room and research at a desktop in the least I walk a little in between;-)

Bill M said...

Your space looks really nice. Clean, straight-forward, yet relaxing and calming.

I always enjoyed writing outdoors or at the corner of two large windows at my Grandfather's cabin in the woods. Then when I had an old house I had a room with a window that looked out over the valley. Now I write in a cluttered, and perhaps the smallest, room in our house. I am not a professional writer. My writing is mostly for myself unless I need to write an operation manual for machines I design. I find my biggest distraction is not the writing environment, but the computer. It's too easy to wonder off into cyberspace.

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett said...

It's changed yet again. See my post of Oct. 14.