Monday, January 23, 2012

Podcast Problems

As many of you have discovered, we've been having problems with our Writers on Writing podcasts. Unfortunately, our server lost hundreds of our shows. On the plus side, we have copies of everything and we're in the process of restoring them, one by one, back to the server.

If there's an episode you particularly miss or one that you're looking for, write to us. We can move it to the head of our restoration process. In the meantime, please bear with us as we keep working. It's a long process!

Thanks so much for your loyalty and listenership, and for bearing with us while we fix the problems.


Taurean Watkins said...

How awful. but thank God you have back ups!

I enjoy your Podcasts and would hate to see such a valuable resource for writers like myself lost forever.

I miss all the shows where Chris Bohjalian is on for the whole hour. I'd also like to listen to poetry panel Marie Stone did with-

Linda Pastan, Martha Serpas and Lisa Williams.

Take the time to redo this right. I hope to catch this week's show live, my thoughts are with you and those who take the time to re-establish your show archives.

You and Marie take care,

Lesley said...

I am sooo... glad you are getting the podcast up and running again. I have missed your show. I live on the east coast and my first children's book is coming out this year. To create a network and learn more about other writers I put together a radio show proposal loosely based on your show of interviewing authors. It is a local nonprofit radio station where I will interview New England authors, spin yarns and tell tales. Thank-you for the encouragement your show has given me not only to write but to venture into the medial of radio.