Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Get creative...doing something...anything

Lots of writers do more than write.  Billy Collins not only writes poetry; he draws. Melissa Bank is a visual artist, too.   Lyanda Lynn Haupt sews and knits.  Beth Howard makes pie.  I knit, weave, and make jewelry (and garden, and bake).  Why do we feel constrained, as writers, to only write?  I need my hands and eyes immersed in color, in texture, which is why yarn and beads have my attention.  There's nothing wrong with being a Renaissance woman or man.  If anything, it may make you more content. Because when you're frustrated with writing, you can do whatever else it is you do for creative gratification.  It'll keep you from spending too much time cleaning your house or eating, and you may end up with art or crafts you wouldn't otherwise have. This other creative interest doesn't have to take away from your writing time. You watch movies or TV, right? Don't just sit and watch.  Pick up a sketch pad or skein of yarn and get busy. When you're feeling creative, do you only feel like writing? Or do you do something else? Tell me about it.


Sophia Rowan said...

I, too, knit as well as spin, sew, and crochet. When I'm really stuck, I clean or go for a jog. Physical activity tends to loosen things up for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Writing is my first love, but sometimes, I need to go into a quiet, wordless place.

In those moments, I draw, paint, sew a little (and badly), and take photos.

When you open up yourself to one form of creative expression, you really invite other arts to pour out, too...