Thursday, December 08, 2005

In love with Anita Shreve

There are a few authors whose books I pretty much love, without question. Everything they write, I love. I'm promiscuous that way. Chris Bohjalian (not a surprise to anyone who has read my book. T. Jefferson Parker. Now I've a new one: Anita Shreve.

I just finished Fortune's Rocks, an astounding book with much complexity (sounds like something she'd say, or something the judges would say on Iron Chef).

Prior to that, I read Seaglass, which I also loved, and prior to that, The Pilot's Wife. Yes, I loved that too.

When I started Seaglass, I learned that Shreve intended it to be one of three books in a trilogy, but not your usual trilogy. What all three books have in common is the house the main character lives in, a wonderful, rambling beach cottage in New Hampshire. They were written out of order, too.

And now I'm reading A Wedding in December. I just love Shreve's writing.

Are there authors whose work you pretty much love, no matter what they write?


~jolene said...

I am beginning to think more and more each day we are blood related :-)

When I first read The Pilot's Wife Anita Shreve caught my interest with the description of the beach me it was one of the most appealing "characters" in the novel.

I picked up Fortune's Rocks and as I SAVORED it I realized I recognized the house! I was hooked. Another interesting aspect (to me) was how I was drawn into the language of the 19th Century. I found myself "thinking" in this language as I read the book - and even found that my emails to friends during that time were reflecting the language. Isn't that interesting?

My bookshelves are lined with Shreve's tales...and many have been passed along for friends to enjoy!

Another favorite author is Sandra Cisneros - who reflects such a deep sense of "family" in her writing - I recommend CARAMELO.

Leslea said...

Slowly and con much gusto, I have been devouring and soaking in every archived episode of Writers on Writing. Thank you so much. Your selection of authors is tremendously brilliant and I feel so indebted to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anonymous said...

We're both Sicilian, right? Well, we may be related....

And Leslea, you're quite welcome. I have a wonderful assistant--Rob Roy--who's been the prime mover in my archiving/podcasting, so let's give him a round of applause. And thank you for your kind words.

Rob Roy said...

Your applause is much appreciated. I, too, enjoy your archives immensely. Which is why I'm so diligent in making sure a new one is up each week.