Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day, book cover blurbs and more

Holidays are always festive around here. Brian should hold a class for men: How to do a holiday right.

From the bedroom to the living room and dining room, it's about four steps. But there were paper hearts, pink and red, strewn across the hardwood floor leading to the dining room table clotted with Valentine's Day gifts (Chet Baker CD, knitting books, journal, tank top, Jelly Belly candies) and more hearts and balloons. This is where I work, a foot away from the roses, transcribing my free writes from my Moleskine into the computer.

Travis is in holiday mode, just like his dad. A "you are the best mom" card and cut out hearts, too.

Of course after my protein smoothie I scarfed a ton of raspberry and blackberry candies. It's Valentine's Day, right?

Here's a piece from yesterday's New York Times about being careful which blurbs you wish for.


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Jill said...

My next boyfriend is so going to take lessons from Bryan!

furiousmuse said...

awww! i'm jealous. ;) i got a midterm for valentine's. (well, i also got an awesome sushi dinner.)