Friday, October 20, 2006

What I see from where I sit

A map of Vermont hangs above my desk. (One is behind it, too.)

A glass of wine, a framed photograph of Travis.

A birthday plant from Elle.

Our cats, doing what they do best.

The mini-waterfall we bought at Ace Hardware that constantly runs and whispers to me that what I long for is the sound of a creek just outside my window. The aqua toaster burns toast but reminds me of a different time. So we keep it.

I want to see what is on and around your desk, what you see from where you sit. If you have a blog, take some pictures and post a link.


Anonymous said...

I love stuff like this!

Anonymous said...

This is cool. And those lil'd you do that???

LaShawn M. Wanak said...

Not exactly what I can see...but thoughts on writing spaces in general...Thanks for a great writing prompt!

Leslea said...

Lovely! I love this stuff, too.

And thank you for having Janet Fitch on again. Lately I've felt nauseated for no discernible reason, and simultaneously obsessed with how "not finished" my book is. Her throwaway comment about how she feels the same way just lifted my spirits so much.