Saturday, August 11, 2007

Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter

At an Angels game last night, as we took our seats, I turned around and saw yet another person reading the latest Harry Potter.

Am I the only person I know who has not finished an entire Harry Potter novel? It's great that J.K. Rowling gets kids reading, and entrances adults as well, but I just cannot get into these books. I don't tend to not go for fantasy or science fiction (though I loved Dune and Stranger in a Strange Land) and never have. Not that I haven't always had a ton of things in my life from which I'd like to escape.

When I read fiction, which is most always, I'd rather spend my time with realism (however far-fetched): a literary/main stream novel or suspense. (I just read Diana Abu-Jaber's Origin, which fits both of those categories. She was just on the show. I loved the book.)

I have a good friend that adores Harry Potter. She is bright, funny and well-read. We talk about how reading inclinations evolve.

You Harry Potter fans out there--is this your favorite type of writing? Has it always been? Or was there a transforming moment where one minute you were, say, a lover of D.H. Lawrence or Lawrence Block, and the next moment it was Harry Potter? Seriously....! Inquiring minds want to know. This mind, anyhoo.


Charity said...

This may shock you, but no. No, I have not always read this genre and no I have not always liked it. I will admit that I have yet to read the "Lord of the Rings" saga. I rebelled against it even after I decided Sci-Fi and (predominately) Fantasy were interesting. I still don't get into all forms of the genre, so I cannot blame you if you don't enjoy JKR's books.

As a teenager, I started picking up romantic-type books; some teen, some adult. From those, I stumbled into some Vampire books. Then, I ended up in a few witch stories...the rest is history.

You don't strike me as the sort that would be happy in a book that, to you, seems far fetched. Sci-Fi would be more reasonable to you if it has to do with space odyssys and the future. Fantasy may never be your cup of tea and that's okay!!!!! Some people will never find joy in literature...or nonfiction...or historical fiction. If we all liked the exact same thing, there wouldn't be much variety out there (nor much of a market!).

Tastes in everything change, but only so much. My favorite color was once blue and is now green but has never been nor will ever be, pink. *shrug* *grin*

Sorry, got a bit long-winded.

Sylvia G. said...

It may make you feel a bit better it may not, but I have not even began reading a Harry Potter novel, not finished one! I don't even have the intention of doing so, because it's just not that kind of thing I'd like to read (lord of the rings...and the like, ditto). There are so much more other than the like on my list I want to get to asap...!!!! :)

Pam said...

Harry Potter is well worth reading!!! I don't think you'd be sorry. You can suspend your disbelief -- good practice -- don't you think???? I don't read fantasy or sci-fi -- never did, never will. HP is not either in my mind -- I think it's very believable -- even if it could never happen. To me, it's just a wonderful story -- that you can't put down and keeps you entertained every minute. Plus, I couldn't take the chance that there would be this Harry Potter phenomenon and not be in on it!!! I say, READ IT!!

deirdre said...

I read the first book and it was enough, although I have to confess to cheating and reading the end of the newest book while standing in the bookstore.

As far as what types of books I like, it depends on my mood. Realistic fiction, magical realism (truly my favorite), and fantasy are all likely to find their way to my reading list.

Mystery Robin said...

You know - I adore Harry Potter, and I don't consider myself a fantasy or sci fi reader. I do like Tolkien and CS Lewis, and Jasper Fforde - and that's about it. But really I love literary fiction and mystery.

I think it's that it all takes place at school and I so love books in schools? I don't know. Rowling is just that good. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe someday I'll pick up the books and get sucked in. It's funny how that happens. You pick up a book and can't get into it at all. A week, month, year later you pick it up again and you get sucked in and wonder how you almost missed it entirely.

UrbanPixie said...

Traditionally anti-HP myself, I recently promised a rabid-fan friend I'd try it. I hope she forgets to ask as I'm only on page 2!

Keli said...

I think as Harry became older as the books progressed, I (and my kids) outgrew him. I loved the first one. The second one was good. The third okay. The fourth I left incomplete and didn't bother with the rest. The novelty wore off. You're right - sometimes it's a question of timing. When I first picked up "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency," I didn't complete it. Later, at the behest of a friend, I gave it a second chance, and ended up reading the entire series which I thoroughly enjoyed.