Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to Starletta's Kitchen

I love holidays and like to prolong the holiday as long as possible--obviously. Our tree is still up, blue lights still line are yar and front of the house. Yesterday was the Epiphany, which is a signal to us to take down the tree, dagnabbit, but not yet. Not yet....

But Travis is back at school, and as promised, I'm back to Starletta, mostly reviewing notes and reading the first chapters, making notes. It's good to be back.

I'm also looking for office space--just the teeniest space is all I need--in town, within a 10 minute walk. Somewhere outside of the house (know of one?). I have one lead which I'll check out today. All of my work is pretty much home-based, so I'd love a place nearby where there's no internet, no phone, no nuttin' except my novel to work on.

If you work at home, how do you stay focused on your work and refuse to be distracted by email, cleaning, phone, etc., and if you have an office outside the house, when did you get it and has it helped?

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