Friday, January 25, 2008

I have grown addicted... the quiet of the library. It doesn't look like much here, and mostly you can't hear the quiet--the blizzard of quiet--which is what I love most.

I also like sitting where I can look out into a patch of wild.

Where do you write, and do you love it there?


Anonymous said...

See you there!


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough I am able to write anywhere. I'm fortunate in that respect.

Nicholas Borelli said...

I live on a patch of wild--2 acres in Connecticut. My home office looks out on a wilderness with Wild Turkey and Deer. It's odd to see 30 lbs. of turkey take flight.

The best is that I'm so far away from other houses that I can see none from most of my property. I write from this office when at home, although most of my production is during my long, daily commute to and from my NYC.


KWH said...

I write at home and in coffee shops. Though today I had trouble writing in my favorite cafe because the music was too loud. I even asked them if they wouldn't mind turning down the volume. They did, but they were probably thinking, this isn't a library. I think I'll head over to my local branch tomorrow. If only they served coffee!

teabird said...

I am a librarian, and I assure you, libraries are not the quiet places you imagine - not unless you come early in the morning. The computers and printers and copy machines make noise all the time; let's not even discuss their users! Children and adults no longer have "inside voices" as they once did.

When I want to write, I go to Barnes & Noble, get a big cup of tea and a cinnamon scone, and just zone out with my pen and paper!

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