Thursday, November 06, 2008

Maureen Dowd in the NYT

I love this.


Anonymous said...

We should all climb up on Abe's lap and pay the fifty bucks for those in need.
Thanks to Ms Down for a great article.

Magnolia said...

Didn't read the entire article. I could barely stomach the first paragraph or two.

No, Mareen Dowd is not my favorite columnist, but then, considering that I view myself as a conservative leaning libertarian that should come as no shock.

My only hope is that the diefication of this mere mortal will soon cease and he can get onto the business of running this country.

Not with his septor or holy wisdom from above, but with some practical nuts and bolts of governing not only the 52% who are worshipping at his feet right now, but the other 48% of those who are not.

But, I'm not bitter ;)

Anonymous said...

May I remind Magnolia that the "nuts and dolts" have been ruining the country for the past eight years. May I further remind Magnolia that it is W. that said God spoke to him. But it was really Cheney. Lastly, I would urge Magnolia to consider that it is not deification but intelligence the population voted for.
Oh, one more thing. Would you care to share your views on the right of gays to marry?