Thursday, November 20, 2008

More on Annie Proulx

In an Oct. 18 post, I linked to an article Susan Salter Reynolds wrote about Annie Proulx. I don't know whether you read it, but even if you did, this bears repeating:

"Proulx believes the computer is 'the enemy of careful writing.' She prefers to write by hand, using the computer as 'a joinery device.'

"'There's something about the rhythm of writing on the page with a pen,' she says, 'that is richly fulfilling--like drawing a picture.'"

Yes. I love my fountain pen, which now contains a cartridge with purple ink. My favorite ink is turquoise, though. Makes the writing process more colorful, all those turquoise lines and curls falling upon the page, page after page.

Here she is, interviewed by Charlie Rose, in 1999.

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Don said...

I write on the computer, but re-type each draft in a new document. It's too easy to think you're revising when you're not if you edit in place.