Friday, November 20, 2009

Pen on Fire Speakers Series with Danzy Senna and Norman Ollestad

Our Evening with Memoirists rocked. Another glorious sold-out event with a ton of writers and many readers present. We stuffed Scape Gallery until there wasn't one chair left to occupy. Danzy and Norman have both been on the show, at different times. On this page you can search their names for the podcast of those radio shows. In the meantime, we'll podcast the recording of this event in then next couple of months, so keep checking back.

The next event with T. Jefferson Parker is scheduled for Jan. 26. We'll celebrate the publication of his new book, Iron River. Hope to see you there!

(Top photo, Norman Ollestad; credit: Marrie Stone. Middle photo, Danzy Senna and Norman Ollestad; credit: Adele Peters. Bottom photo, Danzy Senna, Norman Ollestad, Barbara DeMarco-Barrett; photo credit: Marrie Stone.)

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