Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Aimee Bender & Micheal Jaime-Becerra at the Pen on Fire Salon

Another great night, last night, at Scape Gallery, to celebrate the publication of Aimee Bender and Michael Jaime-Becerra's new novel. They both gave great talks and readings, books were sold and signed, there was snacks and wine and lemon cake. And the house was filled with writers. See for yourself.

Thanks to C.J. Bahnsen and Travis Barrett for helping with the photos when I wasn't able. And check out our last event of the season on July 13. An Evening with Agents. More here. The event is sure to sell out so don't wait too long to register. More details to come, very very soon.

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Dianne said...


Great pictures! If I wasn't already a regular attendee at your Pen On Fire Salons, these photos would make me want to book a seat right away for the next one. I enjoyed the evening with Aimee Bender and Micheal Jaime-Becerra. Wonderful authors with great advice.