Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Desert getaway

We're on our annual after-school desert getaway--a family tradition--at Rancho las Palmas in Palm Desert. So here's what I saw last night as I stood on our balcony. The turquoise against the darkness is what gets me, turquoise being one of my favorite colors. Trying to have a true vacation--no writing (except for a few words/ideas jotted in a journal), only a bit of work with my online writing class (I actually do wish my students would post more), and lots of floating around the Lazy River, which you see here, dinners, walking early early before the sun heats the day to 111 degrees or more, knitting, and reading (John Irving's Last Night in Twisted River; he's on the show next week).

Speaking of which, I should post a podcast. I will--right now.


Allison Johnson said...

Beautiful!! Great photos.

Anonymous said...

Where's my float?


Barbara DeMarco-Barrett said...

Thanks, Al.
And Barbara K., your float awaits you!

Anonymous said...

On my way!