Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I don't know that I would call it a resolution, but I've been so busy with teaching and deadlines and Christmas that I've hardly worked on my novel in weeks. Things will be slowing down in the next week or so and not speed up till around the third week of January, so I really really really really really hope I can finish the first draft of Starletta's Kitchen.

Anyone have any writerly--or otherwise--resolutions brewing?


Leslea said...

Since you asked...I am joining a writer's group! I am leaving my day job on 12/22 (hooray!) and will be able to make their monthly Monday afternoon meetings, so I'm completely psyched!!!

Also, I have a friend currently reading my chapters, so I resolve to get the whole manuscript through a respectable draft before the end of...March...? Soon.

In other topics, I am nearly done w/ Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird, and I can't thank you enough for the repeated mentions on your show (by you and by your guests). I LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

I will finish draft 2 of my novel, then two more drafts so that I can start querying by October. I'm also thinking that I would like to get 10-12 stories out into the submission circuit next year.

Mary Castillo said...

My resolution is to break out and test the limits of my writing. I love writing romantic comedies but the new ideas and characters who are coming to me demand complexity.

What is Starletta's Kitchen about?


IRENE said...

I loved doing the on-line course with you. It really put my skills on track and helped me realise my strengths and limitations. Plus I miss all the thrill and excitement and the camaraderie of people reading my work and my reading theirs.
Ideally,I'd like to take another course. I work best within a structure.
Otherwise I'd like to carve a space and time every day to write. (Note to self: get Pen On Fire off the shelves).
Those 15' are SO long, and there seems to be always something needing my attention every time I sit to write.
I really think about placing notebooks in different places and aim for 5'!

lisa said...

I've been working the daily prompts in Judy Reeves excellent Writer's Book of Days for _years_, since the book was published and I'm grown a bit tired of them. This year I am going to work my way, day-by-day, through Bonnie Neubauer's Write Brain Workbook.