Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Yay...I slept in....

Well, I slept till 6:30, which is like sleeping in for me. Went to bed at 10 (we were watching Fahrenheit 451, which Trav has never seen, but I just couldn't stay up any longer). Hit the sheets and slept straight through, with dreams, even. Realized I hadn't remembered a dream in days, weeks.

So maybe Dr. Ron was right; he usually is. I was excited (i.e., stressed). We go all out: Christmas eve Mass and a family party, then gifts galore under the tree.

Now that Christmas day is over, those knitted gifts I didn't finish don't matter. It was a good day--a great day--though a bit bittersweet, as good days often are. It's as if I'm in the future, as well as the present, looking back, remembering. And now Travis is off school till Jan. 8, which I'm jazzed about.

I have a Jewish friend who said Christmas is just a bit odd and uncomfortable--all the hubbub that doesn't include her. I bet, I said. I tried to imagine living in Israel or somewhere where Christmas is a teensy blip on the calendar and Hannukuh or Ramadan is like a Kleig light against the darkness.

How has the holiday been for you?


Anonymous said...

By the time Christmas day rolls around, the holiday hubbub is virtually over for me. With adult children living far from home and only one parent left, my husband and I are mostly on our own for Christmas day. And that's just fine -we're both musicians, and the days leading up to the holiday are jam packed with concerts. Our gift to ourselves on Christmas day is often to sleep late (for us that means about 8:00!), then spend a quiet morning with our coffee and books, a dog curled up warmly at our side. Simple pleasures, but welcome ones nevertheless!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love Fahrenheit 451, I could not stop crying. My holidays were great.

Gina Ritter said...

The holidays stunk! My first year in Northern Cali with my hubby's family and next year I think we'll just travel.

I've been sleeping in every morning now and feel awful - like I am losing too much of my day. I've been waking up close to 9:30 every morning and going to bed late.

But as of Monday the 8th, the boys are back in school and I'm up early again. I better practice over the weekend!