Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Day

The black books on the mantel have been replaced by pink and green. One thing I learned: There are not many pink books in print, unless you read chick lit. When James Frey came on my show to talk about My Friend Leonard, he said he liked the pink cover because it played against the prison/bad guy motif (at, you can listen to that show). Diane Leslie wasn't happy with her second book's cover Fleur de Leigh in Exile because she said it gave the wrong idea about the book, which is a mainstream/literary novel. It goes well here, though, doesn't it?


amy said...

Do you put orange books with the black on Halloween? Because that would be awesome. You might have to borrow some kids' books though.

Anonymous said...

You are the single most charming literati in the weboblogopodosphere-o. And Bingo was his name-o.

I just love that you changed out your books for Easter.

I might have to build myself a mantel just so I can copy you.

If I posted a photo of our bookshelves, you would probably have to spray your monitor down w/ Lysol. The boys have somehow figured out how to pull the grown-up books off the top shelves, and all was already askew in "little boy library land" down below.

Oh, it is a mess.

But they DO LOVE BOOKS! :) :D :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think I did have orange books on the mantel for Halloween but I don't think there were blacks ones. This year!

And Leslea, aren't you the sweet one? I would love to see a photo of your bookshelves!

BellaKarma said...

The colors of the books inspired me to sew a skirt in the same colors! :-)
So when do we get an update on all your recent out-of-town appearances?

Anonymous said...

I just did, Bellakarma, thanks to your prompt....