Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Very Well Known Writer Flakes

A Very Well Known Writer was scheduled to come on my show. Her publicist contacted me, we went back and forth regarding dates, and settled on one. This was a couple months ago. The other day the publicist contacts me and says this Very Well Known Writer's tour has changed and she can't make it and can I reschedule?

I really did want to talk to this author; I've been a fan for years. But I told the publicist that unless she could promise that it wouldn't happen again, I wouldn't reschedule. I said I had sent releases out to the papers and that it makes me look incredibly flakey when someone cancels. Flaked on once because something better comes along, are you going to make a date again? Not without a ton of trepidation.

The publicist couldn't promise. So she's not coming on. But the publicist was profusely sorry, she said. Uh-huh.

This all is coming out because a friend and former student emailed me. Did you see Very Famous Writer on the ____ _____ Show the other night? he said.

No! I said. What were you going to tell me--that she was witty and charming? I said. If you were, it's an act. She's a flake.

I was going to ask you if you saw her shoes, he said.

I didn't ask him about her shoes. Even though I am curious what it was about her shoes that interested him so. He doesn't seem like one to notice a woman's shoes.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that cracks me up. Not that she flaked, of course, but the thing about the shoes.

I genuinely heart you, Barbara.

Now, of course, regrettably I am hopelessly dying to know who flaked.

I shall search google presently for a news entry on "well-known author wears funny shoes on television appearance."

Bjk said...

Most authors write well but maybe do not speak as well. It's possible she didn't come on your show because she was afraid she would put her foot in her mouth, in her case a "shoe", during your interview.

amy said...

Please spill it!

Anonymous said...

Well, since you said please, it was Anne Lamott.

amy said...

Wow. I wouldn't have guessed, although I'm not completely surprised either.

Anonymous said...

Anne and I are special friends. We met years ago at Shoe City. I'm sorry she disappointed you and I'm certain she'll be disappointed to know that she disappointed you. She's that kind of person. I'll be seeing her again at Shoe City when the fall fashions arrive and mention it to her.