Saturday, April 08, 2006


A friend e-mailed me and said that a week ago Thursday, when she listened to the show (Stefan Fatsis and Susan Straight were guests), she noticed that I was sighing a lot. She hoped everything was okay.

Oh, dear!

I didn't mean to sigh so much. But it points to the fact that I need a lil break. Starting in May, for a couple of months, my guest host Debbie Keith said she'd take over some shows--maybe half, if it's okay with the station.

So when I am there, hopefully I won't sigh so much.

If there's anyone you'd love to hear on the show, let me know. I'm open to suggestions (if they fall within the range of the types of guests I like to have on: literary and mainstream, suspense, poets, narrative nonfiction, agents).



Jill said...

I was going to suggest Janet Fitch, but I see that she has been a previous guest. Her new novel, Paint it Black, comes out in September. It would be interesting to hear her thoughts on writing a second novel after her extraoridinary success with White Oleandor (and her lapse between her freshman and sophomore novels).

Anonymous said...

I recently started listening to your show as a podcast. I LOVE it! I look forward to listening as I walk to and from work also and during my lunch break. I do notice you let out at least one sign during each show, and I always wonder if it is a result of something on the show, or something in your own life. Either way, glad to hear you will be taking time to rest up. Keep up the show and the great guests. I feel like I'm let into this secret world of writing that I've dreampt about all my life.

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett said...

Actually, sighing has more with looking at the clock and realizing what limited time I have to talk with the guest. But I'm becoming more aware of the sighing and hope to eradicate it someday soon (it has nothing to do with being tired. Then I yawn).

Leslea said...

I've always noticed the sigh, but it has never indicated anything to me other than what you described in the comments, Barbara!

I also notice that before you're about to change the subject on a guest, you say "Interesting..."

See, you have you own obsessed radio fans!!! ;)

Your show is consistently my favorite podcast and I listen to so many, particularly about writing and publishing. No one holds a candle to you, and your taste in guests is impeccable. Even repeat guests give so much everytime they return.

As much time as you need to take to recharge, by all means, please do!!!

Here's my wishlists of guests for your show, though I'm afraid they're mostly British and not exactly handy to UC-Irvine:

JK Rowling
Johnathon Stroud
Philip Pullman

Ron Carlson would be good to hear again--his words really touched me a time when I needed them, and I wouldn't have heard them if it weren't for your show.

Julia Cameron would be awesome.

Oh, the NYC Agent Miss Snark would be a tremendous guest, but you would have to disguise her voice. If she is a "she."

Keep up the outstanding, wonderfully helpful work, please! :)

~jolene said...

Hi Barbara (it's not Linda...right? LOL!)...

I would like to toss in a wish for Julia Cameron as well. If ever, give me a heads up so I don't miss her!

joe has something to say said...

I really enjoy listening to your
shows! Better than tv and kpfk...I don't how hard it's to get guests but I'd like to hear;
Eric Maisel (A Writer's Paris//Coaching the Artist Within//)
Brian Kiteley(The 3 A.M. Epiphany)
John Dufresne(The Lie That Tells A Truth)
Ursula K. Le Guin
I would think you listening audience might like these as well.