Friday, January 26, 2007

Ann Hood knocks me out

Ann Hood was on the show yesterday. I had been aware of her work for years, but it wasn't until Pages magazine asked me to review her new novel, The Knitting Circle, that I read her. I loved the book, a story about a range of women with stories. I then picked up her collection of short stories, An Ornithologist's Guide to Life and it knocked me out. The tone of the stories was much more flip, less serious than the novel (based on Hood's life), and with each story, I grew more and more impressed with her skill and seeming alacrity with which she writes. I want to read more of her stuff--all of her stuff, in fact. We didn't discuss this on the show, but I believe her book has been optioned by Julia Roberts, a confirmed knitter. Hood is especially great at short story endings. Every writer knows how hard ending a piece is and she does it just right, tying things up a bit, but not too much so as to seem contrived.


Amy said...

I have the book, haven't read it, but am looking forward to it...I took up knitting after reading an essay she wrote about recovering from her daughter's death by learning to knit. It was very moving.

The Writer Mama said...

I love Ann Hood and haven't had a chance to read her in years. But I will pick up The Knitting Circle. So thanks for telling us about it.

She was my critiquer at Breadloaf, oh my fifteen years ago and I am blushing just thinking about how poor my writing must have been then.

Oh, well. Drafting is a miraculous tool, right?

Aging doesn't hurt either.

David Hill said...

Ann will be teaching at Wildacres Writers Workshop this summer.