Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Palm Desert

I seem to have gotten into a habit of photographing my mantel when I change the books on its corner, so here is my January mantel.

Spoke before a wonderful group of women, PEN Women of Palm Desert, yesterday. Only a few chapters here in Southern Cal., and this was one of them. Educated, creative, productive women. Very worth the 2 hour drive each way. They sold out of books. But cold! Of course I love it, but it was odd. The last time we were out in Palm Desert, it was 50 degrees warmer--114 degrees, in the summer. They spoke of ice on the pavement early in the morning, and bougainvillea that was now black from freezing. And little dogs out for a walk, slip-sliding around.


Deborah said...

like I said, HEAD FOR THE HILLS!

Sandra L. said...

Did you like the Time Traveler's Wife? I loved it! It's a really terrific book!

Anonymous said...

I did like it, Sandra. I believe the podcast of the show I did with her is up. Check out