Monday, May 07, 2007

Coffee houses

I'm still at it, going to Starbucks after I drop off Trav, but I do wish there were other coffee houses to choose from. Berkeley has something like 70+ independent coffee houses to choose from and we have a handful in the O.C. The independent ones I can think of that are nearby have tiny tables and uncomfortable chairs.

What's a girl to do?

Keep going to Starbucks, I s'pose.


Catherine said...

I tried posting yesterday but I don't think it worked. Anyways, have you been to the Gypsy Den in Costa Mesa? A bit further from your house, but it might work depending on what time of the day you go. They are also a restaurant but if you catch them at the right time of the day it's got a more coffee house feel...

Anonymous said...

I've considered the Gypsy Den but didn't think they opened early enough. but I just went to their web site and they do! So I may give it a try.