Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Writing at Starbucks

It's still working. I started last week, and so far have been there each morning this week for two hours. The noise isn't even as distracting as email. (I've kept my vow of not checking email while I'm there.)

This morning a huge group of older adults, mostly dressed well and wearing jewelry, came in and pushed a bunch of tables and chairs together and took over the place. The din rose to the point of when I was on the phone with my chiropractor, I had to go outside to hear the person on the other end of the phone.

Still, I found that noise less distracting than the distractions at home when I'm working on fiction.

A few years back I was diagnosed as being an ADD adult so I wonder if the noise makes me focus in.


Mary Castillo said...

When I need to focus, I work at a coffeeshop with my earphones on. Email and the internet (ahem) are my most seductive distractions!

Carma's Window said...

Kudos to you Barbara. I could never work in a public place, unless it is at the park and then I would use the environment for my inspirations and ideas more than doing actual writing.

I depend on the comfort of my surroundings in my home office. If I didn't have my favorite saying or picture to stare at occasionally while I was day dreaming or trying to think of the next word, I would end up with blank pages.