Thursday, June 15, 2006

C'est la vie

So now, $1680 later, the laptop has had its data recovered--something like 497,000 files--and I have a new external hard drive holding all that data, and laptoppie-poo is on its way to Apple for a new hard drive.

An expensive lesson, for sure. But with all the minor and major horrors going on all around us, I feel lucky that that's all it was. Odd reaction, maybe. But I'm not freaking out.

My back up plan for my new hard drive is in place, though.


sue said...

geese, what a pain! i also have a mac and i got a .mac memebrship, which you pay a yearly fee for, but you get space on their server, which is then called your "idisk", so i just work on my file/s, on their server, and every time i'm online, it updates itself. i can work on any computer, anywhere, and just sign on to my ".mac" membership, and click on my idisk, and it's all there "up in space somewhere". it's great peace of mind even if paying sucks, not as bad as recovery fees apparently.
really a bummer, sorry to hear it.

Anonymous Mom said...

God bless america. Barbara. the company i work for is data backup, archive, recovery so it was somewhat painful to hear your story. oy vey. that's all we do but for data centers. a painful reminder of how awful it can be. yikes. we will have a product for home users in the new year, then i can help you. ouch!