Monday, June 19, 2006

Mac is back

Apple is quick. I sent my laptop to Apple late last Thursday and it just arrived home. Impressive, the turnaround time.

Now, I have to load software and bring back all that lost data from the external hard drive. Hopefully that will all happen today.

So, y'all have been backing up your disks, right? What did you use?

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Anonymous said...

Hi -- So sorry to hear about your crash! And I admit it, I feel your pain especially since I'm also a mac user. (Macs work so well almost all the time that it's a big surprise when they do something like crash, for goodness sake!)

About backing up -- I discovered a program called "Backup" that's an apple program that I'm now using to back up my writing files. In order to use it you need to be a .mac member (I know, I know all these apple ways to spend more $$). Anyway, it works for me because everything is scheduled to backup automatically. I also like the .mac membership because I have my website there. So it works! And I can use the program to back up to an external hard drive, CD, idisk or ipod, and all automatically. That's it from me!