Thursday, June 22, 2006

License plate holder speaks

You know those license plate holders enclosing your license plate? Most of them say the name of the car dealer where you bought the car. Mine says "Pen on Fire" along the top, and along the bottom is says, ""

I bought it before my book came out with the hopes that it might have some effect.

Yesterday morning I pulled into Albertson's Market and parked. The white SUV behind me parked, too. I walked up the ramp to the store behind the woman from the SUV, who had damp hair and looked dressed for a corporate job, turned around and said, "What is pen on fire?"

I told her it was a book I had written and she said, "Is it a novel?"

"It's a quirky book about writing," I said.

She nodded and smiled.

In the checkout line, she was before me. As she picked up her bag to go, she turned to me and said, "I'm going to buy Pen on Fire."

I thanked her and wondered how many other people have wondered what "pen on fire" was and if it prompted them to visit my Web site or buy my book.

A license plate holder is space to be used. Don't let it be free advertising for a car dealer.


Endment said...

Your license plate suggestion is great but I must tell you it is the title that caught my eye... We first checked the book out at the library based on the title alone --- before the book was even part finished we bought copies!
Love it!!!

amy said...

Well. I agree; I never leave on the dealer frame or holder and I think they are tacky and ugly. Mine says Angels Season Ticket Holder and Go Angels! And you know, last fall, I was pulled over for speeding, but the officer said, "I'll give you a warning, since you're an Angels fan and all." So I can testify that the right frame can work wonders.

~jolene said...

OK..time to KNIT a bag with your web address Barbara :)

And of course your son and husband need PenOnFire T-shirts ;-)

Simon said...

I was checking in at Louisville aiprort for Manchester UK and got chatting to the lady on the desk. Somehow it came up in coverstaion that I had written some books and she said 'I have always wanted to write a book'Guess what book I recommended to get her started? A helpful publication called 'Pen on Fire'! And by the way it's a great guide for men who write as well.