Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Okay, one last post: Frey on Oprah tomorrow

From Publishers

Frey Live on 'Oprah'
Our earlier report of James Frey's rumored appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show has been confirmed by a release from Harpo Productions. The author of A Million Little Pieces will break his post-Larry King silence to appear on a live hour-long show that will air tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 26). Other guests will include publisher Nan Talese and "some of the country's leading journalists"--to address the headlines and controversy surrounding his memoir. No word on whether the Smoking Gun's William Bastone will be among them.

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liz said...

I've been following this closely, too. I'm sick of it, yet fascinated by it. As a writer who is working on the memoir/biography of a jewel thief, I've been struggling with the same issues. How do I know my source (the jewel thief) is telling the truth? What if I can't verify some of her stories?
Thanks for the updates, I've been checking your site the last couple of weeks!