Monday, January 02, 2006

When the power goes out in Southern California....

....if you have a laptop, or a notebook, you can still write.

We're in the squall here, a few blocks from the beach in Orange County, and when the power went out, the laptop stayed on and I kept working. But then Travis got up and I heard sirens and decided I should shower and get dressed, just in case. In case of what, I don't know. So I did. Made some calls to find out info about the outage. There was none, except for across town Debra's power came back on. Waited some more. No power. So I went outside with a flat pillow on my head to prevent my hair from soaking (of course the umbrellas are in Bry's car and Travis' poncho went bye-bye long ago--no rain, who needs a poncho!). So I'm out there with a flat pillow designed in browns and oranges and blues, and yellow rubber gloves, and I'm moving wood that's still dry from our woodpile that's--where else?--in the rain to a place under the eaves that's not getting rained on, and I'm out there for 15 minutes, doing this, feeling like we'll at least have heat for a while if the power stays off. I come in, wash my hands, and a few minutes later the power comes back on. Of course!

Hope you're staying dry and safe, wherever you are.


Victor Infante said...

I'll have sympathy when you have to shovel your car out of a snowbank. (:

OK ... I'll admit. I'm being envious of SoCal weather this week...

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, Victor, I'm homesick for snow. I squint out the window on foggy days, imagining snow.

How the heck are you, guy? Aren't you due back here soon? Doing any readings?

Victor Infante said...

How's about I send you some snow in the mail. (:

Doing well. Hit a wall with revisions so I went surfing to clear my head -- watched the video of you on TV from your site -- looked great!

Going to be back in SoCal Feb. 4th through 12th. Reading at the Ugly Mug in Orange Feb. 8th. VERY much want to run across you while we're out there!

Anonymous said...

Want to see you guys, too..... Post the time you're reading at the Ugly Mug and address, too, if you have it.

Victor Infante said...


February 8, 2006
Victor D. Infante & Lea C. Deschenes

The Ugly Mug
791 S. Main St.
Suite 100
Orange, CA,
8 p.m. $2

Counting the days until I'min California again...

L said...

I can feel the pain. Power can come and go and that is the issue of so many people in the world having so many endless demands.

Good luck Babs,