Friday, January 27, 2006

These heading colors are driving me nuts...

...and depending what browser you use, formatting is off. Frustrating! No matter which template I choose for this blog, the headings remain hot pink and brown. Ergh. I've written to Blogger. No reply. Anyone know how to fix this?

Regarding other things in the news (I said I wasn't going to write about you-know-who anymore), I liked what Michael Wolff said (I think it was him) on Larry King Live last night, that we'd stay focused on the current debacle until another one takes its place. That's how we are, isn't it? Gotta have drama in our lives, the bigger, the better.

Being one who so easily can see both sides of a situation, and who hates conflict, I say, Publishers: Learn from this. Writers: Learn from this. Readers: Learn from this.

And let's move on.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Barbara, you can change that color pretty easily. Go to the Templates tab in your Blogger control panel, scroll down and look for these three sections and change the color style (I've removed the other lines to make this clearer):

.post-title {
.post-title a, .post-title a:visited, .post-title strong {
.post-title strong, .post-title a:hover {

Don't change anything else except the two #c60 codes. The #c60 is shorthand for #cc6600, the color HEX code. If you want basic colors, you can change the #c60 to the words red or blue, etc. If you want a more custom color, then enter a new color code in place of the #c60. (You can find the basic Web-safe set here: Then save your template changes, then click the Republish button to make the change.

For instance, for a nice green, the style color line would be


Hope that helps.

Gary Varner

Leslea said...

It's black and white to my eyes.

Re: the other thing...I'm glad you wrote about it. I respect and value your opinion, and get excited when each show archive is added to the podcast feed. I came here explicitly for the purpose of reading your take on things. So...thank you.

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett said...

Thanks, Gary, for that.

And Leslea, thank you!